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  • Summer bridge takeover!

    Summer bridge takeover!

    Summer vacation might be in full swing at CU Boulder, but that doesn’t mean Radio 1190 is sleeping on the job — in addition to our summer programming schedule of live student and community DJs, we also had a very special visit June 20 from 16 incoming Buffs in the CMCI Pathways to Excellence Summer… Read more

  • Transmitter update: Factory tour!

    Transmitter update: Factory tour!

    Here at the station, we’ve been hearing a lot of “when is our new transmitter getting installed?” lately, and … we’ve got good news! Radio 1190 chief engineer Eric Scace and I headed out to Bangor, Maine earlier this month to see the newest addition to the station family, meet the folks who made it,… Read more

  • Coming this summer: New transmitter = better signal!

    Coming this summer: New transmitter = better signal!

    Late last summer Radio 1190’s main transmitter suffered an internal fire, caused by lightning damage. Radio 1190 has been operating on reduced daytime power, using its backup transmitter. Radio 1190’s new transmitter will be ready for factory acceptance testing on June 12th in Bangor, Maine. We will be going out to meet the transmitter, receive… Read more

  • Radio 1190: All is full of love

    Radio 1190: All is full of love

    Hi everyone, This is probably not the last time you’ll hear from me, but it is the last time you’ll be getting a regular update from me… because I’m graduating, and, of course, it’s the last week of class!  I’ve had four wonderful years working at 1190 and am therefore entitled to be a little… Read more

  • Winning IBSA’s 2024 best News Director

    Winning IBSA’s 2024 best News Director

    This is Jack Armstrong, Radio 1190 news director. My News Team just won two awards. To think these awards are on a national scale is astounding. I’m not going to say that I’m ‘honestly shocked’. I haven’t had time to think about that part yet. I feel a smiley-warm feeling looking at the people around… Read more

  • Welcome to 2024!

    Welcome to 2024!

    Hi hi, radio friends — The Spring 2024 semester is in full swing, and we are so happy to welcome back all our Buffs (and alums, and locals, and all our friends of the station …) for another semester of AM goodness. This means our student DJs and News Underground folks are back on campus… Read more

  • World College Radio Day!

    World College Radio Day!

    Every great thing deserves its own holiday, right? There’s World UFO Day (July 2), Pi Approximation Day (July 22), Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (July 27), Bow Tie Day (Aug. 28), and Frankenstein Day (Aug. 30). But none of those even come close to … World College Radio Day. That’s right. It’s Friday,… Read more

  • Spring recap & new(ish) website!

    Spring recap & new(ish) website!

    As the 2023 school year comes to a close, we’re all saying goodbye to the old, hello to the new, and … now what do I do?? Or maybe that’s just me … Anyway, just a brief note to relaunch the much-loved Radio 1190 blogs of years past, since we’ve dusted them off to spiff… Read more

  • The Latest Rap Hall of Fame Inductee: Polo G

    The Latest Rap Hall of Fame Inductee: Polo G

    Chicago-born rapper Polo G diversifies his style in the release of his third album, Hall of  Fame, incorporating a star-studded list of featured artists on the tracks. The rap star emerged in  2019 with his debut album release, Die a Legend, and bursted into prominence out of the gate (Gage 2020). In his newest studio… Read more

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  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    It is crucial that we use our platform at this time to support the protest movement responding to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people across the country due to acts of racist police brutality. We stand in solidarity with all those protesting against the unjust, systematically racist institutions of… Read more

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  • Album Review: Anderson.Paak “Oxnard”

    Album Review: Anderson.Paak “Oxnard”

    Brandon Paak Anderson, better known as Anderson .Paak, stylized with an out of place period (which I will get to later), has become paramount to today’s West Coast R&B sound. Paak rose to prominence after appearing multiple times on legendary cali artist Dr. Dre’s 2015 album Compton. However, he entered differently into the music scene… Read more

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  • January 2019 Newsletter

    January 2019 Newsletter

    Dearest listeners, volunteers, and faithful followers of college radio, Welcome to the new year and a new spring semester of all things 1190! We’re so stoked to get back into the swing of things at the station with new times for all our volunteer events, a new schedule of shows, and the possibility of so… Read more

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  • A Young Man’s Quest for Pump: “Jock Jams”

    A Young Man’s Quest for Pump: “Jock Jams”

    It was the Summer of 1995 and even at the the tender age of ten I knew something was wrong. I would wake up every day decidedly unpumped for the upcoming day. After dragging myself out of bed, I would look at my Michael Jordan poster and wonder why I could not constantly live the… Read more

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  • Album Review: Earl Sweatshirt “Some Rap Songs”

    Album Review: Earl Sweatshirt “Some Rap Songs”

    On Some Rap Songs, Earl Sweatshirt strives for simplicity. As he explained in an interview with Vulture earlier this week, “Incomplete sh*t is really stressful to me, and the concept of unsimplified fractions is really stressful to me.” This philosophy explains the minimalist title, but does the music on the album follow suit? Despite its… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Paul Anka “Rock Swings”

    Blast from the Past: Paul Anka “Rock Swings”

    If you went to the Olive Garden recently and used the restroom, chances are you heard some nice, swinging tunes. If you listened carefully, you may have noticed that Paul Anka was crooning about teen spirit over that tender brass section, because you were hearing Rock Swings, the epic 2005 album that was tastefully chosen… Read more

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  • On Air Next 11.29.18

    On Air Next 11.29.18

    As finals season approaches, Radio 1190 is packed with students diligently studying. To accompany our studies, we’re jamming to new albums from Lonnie Holley, Ian Sweet and Carbonas. Lonnie Holley is known for both his visual art and his music. Both experimental and easy to listen to, “MITH” is a collection of Holley’s thoughts and feelings… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Seaside Lovers “Memories in Beach House”

    Blast from the Past: Seaside Lovers “Memories in Beach House”

    Recently, I have been binging on City Pop and various other forms of 20th century Japanese genius. Although City Pop has taken on a larger than life status in popular memory in the past decade, it lived in relative obscurity outside of the region before the internet could teleport it across time and space. City… Read more

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  • On Air Next 11.14.18

    On Air Next 11.14.18

    By Max AskariAt Radio 1190, we love spinning our favorite music, new and old. This week, I’ll be looking back at an album DJs spin constantly: “The Lonesome Crowded West” by Modest Mouse. Released in 1997, Modest Mouse’s second studio album is a sprawling 74-minute LP that tells tales of road trips, American culture and… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Hiroshi Suzuki “Cat (1975)”

    Blast from the Past: Hiroshi Suzuki “Cat (1975)”

    Few albums better illustrate the magic of YouTube as a music platform than Hiroshi Suzuki’s Cat. Many of my friends have a running joke about YouTube ‘classics’. That is, albums that YouTube’s algorithm seems to favor, meaning that many people end up listening to an album that lived in relative obscurity outside of YouTube. Some… Read more

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  • On Air Next 11.7.18

    On Air Next 11.7.18

    As the weather cools down, Radio 1190 continues to spin the hottest records. This week, you’ll be hearing fresh releases from a handful of new favorites.  Part Time, a band under the popular rock record label Burger Records, just released their sixth album “Spell #6.” The record has plenty of pop and rock sensibilities, and… Read more

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