Summer bridge takeover!

Summer vacation might be in full swing at CU Boulder, but that doesn’t mean Radio 1190 is sleeping on the job — in addition to our summer programming schedule of live student and community DJs, we also had a very special visit June 20 from 16 incoming Buffs in the CMCI Pathways to Excellence Summer Intensive, a unique summer bridge program that gets first-year CMCI students geared up for academic and community success even before their first official day of class.

Pathways to Excellence students spend a week living on campus, exploring class options, noshing on the cuisine in the C4C Dining Center, and diving deep into a variety of skills- and community-building activities — everything from creating their own advertising campaigns, meeting up with faculty in each CMCI department, and, well, taking over Radio 1190 for a night!

Our 16 newly-minted guest DJs from all over Colorado arrived at the station with their favorite songs (plus dedications to friends, loved ones, and lots of moms and dads) queued up, and left the studio late that night with on-air experience and all the basics they’ll need to get started training up at Radio 1190 when they hit campus this fall. (We’re super excited for them to join the Radio 1190 family!) And while that night’s playlist was wild — everything from classic country to Kaytranada to King Gizzard, plus a healthy debate about the Taylor Swift canon — there’s always common ground somewhere, and we found it about halfway through the show: If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album. (Now you know.)

Big thanks to all our Pathways to Excellence students, as well as the amazing RAs who showed them the ropes during their time on campus! We can’t wait to see you back in the station this August. Maybe we’ll even get another 1970s sing-along?

Yours in a shared love of the Mac,
Iris Berkeley
Radio 1190 operations