Welcome to 2024!

Hi hi, radio friends —

The Spring 2024 semester is in full swing, and we are so happy to welcome back all our Buffs (and alums, and locals, and all our friends of the station …) for another semester of AM goodness. This means our student DJs and News Underground folks are back on campus for your favorite Radio 1190 programming … plus new shows to keep an eye on as the semester progresses! We’ll be making updates to our Schedule page as updates gel, so bookmark that one if you haven’t already.

So what’s on our timeline for the rest of spring semester? Some of the fun regular events (like our semesterly clothing swap!) are already in the works, plus some new events and collabs are on the horizon … to stay aware of everything we’re up to at the station (plus some exciting Local Shakedown bands on selected Fridays this semester!) keep an eye on our Instagram. And if you’re looking for more ways to bring your favorite radio station into your life, why not have a look at the Volunteer page for all the great things we’ve got going on every week? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at DJing … or help choose the music that gets aired every day … or help design new Radio 1190 merch! Opportunities abound. Come hang out in the basement with us <3

Happy new year — may it bring the best to us all!
Iris Berkeley, Radio 1190 operations