Coming this summer: New transmitter = better signal!

Late last summer Radio 1190’s main transmitter suffered an internal fire, caused by lightning damage. Radio 1190 has been operating on reduced daytime power, using its backup transmitter.

Radio 1190’s new transmitter will be ready for factory acceptance testing on June 12th in Bangor, Maine. We will be going out to meet the transmitter, receive training, and thank the people who designed and built it.

Not only is the new transmitter of modern design — with built-in capabilities for remote supervision and troubleshooting via the internet — but also it will allow Radio 1190 to broadcast in high-fidelity stereo using “HD AM”.

We are looking forward to a late June/early July installation, and test stereo transmissions during the summer! Stay tuned for more news, as it happens…

— Eric Scace
Radio 1190 Chief Engineer