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  • Blast from the Past: DJ Shadow “Endtroducing”

    Blast from the Past: DJ Shadow “Endtroducing”

    Terror, introspection, and sheer rage. The mastery of DJ Shadow’s 1996 Endtroducing is its ability to create horror out of the mundane. This record has garnered the acclaim that it deserves over the years, but now, looking back at it over two decades later, it is increasingly evident how innovative the first fully plunderphonic album… Read more

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  • On Air Next 11.1.18

    On Air Next 11.1.18

    Kero Kero Bonito’s sophomore release, “Time ‘n’ Place,” continues their streak of catchy indie pop releases. Hailing from London, Kero Kero Bonito’s early releases were predominantly inspired by video game music and J-Pop. Frontwoman Sarah Midori Perry sings in both English and Japanese, creating lyrical content that distinguishes them from other acts in the Western… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Compilation Spotlight

    Blast from the Past: Compilation Spotlight

    This week’s Blast from the Past is formatted a bit differently than usual. For listeners of my generation, compilations are an essential link between a culture that existed before we were conceived and our ears. They tell a story of what the sound of an era, city, or record label may have been, though we… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Joao Donato “Quem e Quem 1973”

    Blast from the Past: Joao Donato “Quem e Quem 1973”

    Joao Donato’s 1973 masterpiece album Quem e Quem is sometimes forgotten among the tidal wave of classic Brazilian albums from the 1970’s. This is a terrible disservice to a record that I consider a true masterpiece. The only other album that I know which can so tastefully preserve a single mood over the course of… Read more

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  • Philadelphia Spotlight: Homestead Collective

    Philadelphia Spotlight: Homestead Collective

    Homestead Collective is an indie-folk duo. Caitlyn Deviney and Ben Morris met in high school, and both grew up playing instruments. Their love for music drew them together, and they formed the duo in January of 2017. Later that year, they recorded and released a six track self-titled EP that defines and gives insight to… Read more

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  • On Air Next 10.24.18

    On Air Next 10.24.18

    If you tune into Radio 1190 this week, you’ll be hearing plenty of soothing music. Here’s what we’re spinning right now. Goo Age is a Denver band making music that is truly innovative. In their debut record, “Chatbot Spa,” Goo Age experiments with electronic sounds that range from hyper realistic to super synthetic, and they complement… Read more

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  • On Air Next 10.17.18

    On Air Next 10.17.18

    This week on Radio 1190, we’re spinning two old favorites: “Smiley Smile” by The Beach Boys and “House Arrest” by Ariel Pink. The 12th studio album by The Beach Boys, “Smiley Smile” was released in September 1967. Conceived as a simplified version of their Smile project, “Smiley Smile” wasn’t well received at the time of… Read more

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  • On Air Next 10.10.18

    On Air Next 10.10.18

    This week on 1190, we’re spinning exciting new albums from drastically different genres. Here’s what you’ll hear when you tune in.  Last week, Haterreleased their debut album “Siesta.” The band formed in 2017 and is already making waves in the indie rock music scene. Their music is slow and vulnerable, and the lead singer Caroline Landahl’s… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Herbie Hancock “Sunlight”

    Blast from the Past: Herbie Hancock “Sunlight”

    I have had a limited amount of knowledge about this album for a year or two, starting with the surreal portrait of a cheesed-out Herbie Hancock on the cover, complete with darting collars and no undershirt. This alone is enticing enough for me. However, the title track on this album, “I Thought It Was You”,… Read more

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  • Astronauts, Etc. Interview

    Astronauts, Etc. Interview

    I had the privilege of interviewing Anthony Ferraro of Astronauts, Etc. after their show at Lost Lake on September 19th. The show was a ton of fun and I would recommend seeing them and their opener, The Mattson 2, whenever you have the opportunity. Me: So, where has your tour taken you so far? Anthony… Read more

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  • Austin City Limits 2018

    Austin City Limits 2018

    Day 1: Music festivals always seem to deliver an electric atmosphere, great music, tasty food, and some of the most interesting fashion. Austin City Limits checked off all of those boxes and knocked them out of the park. The Austin skyline looming over the stage while Paul McCartney rocked out like it was 1967 created… Read more

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  • 1190 October Newsletter

    1190 October Newsletter

    Dearest listeners, volunteers, and faithful followers of college radio, It’s somehow already October and we’ve had a whirlwind great start to this new semester of college radio! This past month, 1190 has seen a huge influx of volunteers, some sick live sets on Local Shakedown, a new sponsor, new hires and so much more. Our… Read more

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  • Philadelphia Spotlight: Fred Beans

    Philadelphia Spotlight: Fred Beans

    Fred Beans is a duo (occasionally a trio) from the greater Philadelphia area. Fred Beans is Rachel Levin (guitar, vocals,) Tyler Black (drums,) and sometimes Kade Holt (bass.) Rachel and Tyler are the main members of the band, and have been making music for years. These guys have been around for a while, and their… Read more

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  • 7th Circle 6th Anniversary Spotlight

    7th Circle 6th Anniversary Spotlight

    The car drove thru Denver’s industrial district, past a rasta colored building and stopped at an intersection. Up and to the left stood a street sign implanted in concrete. The words were in big white block letters laid on a backdrop of green, it read 7th AVE. I crossed the intersection, parked next to a… Read more

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  • On Air Next 10.3.18

    On Air Next 10.3.18

    If you’re an avid reader of On Air Next, you’ll remember “Hypnic Jerks” by The Spirit of the Beehive. We love this record so much here at 1190 that we’re making it October’s CD of the Month. The Spirit of the Beehive has been a favorite here at the station since their performance at Backspace,… Read more

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  • On Air Next 9.26.18

    On Air Next 9.26.18

    This was an exciting week for music at Radio 1190. Three new records dropped from bands we’ve been spinning for a while now, and they’re all going on air this week. Here’s what you’re about to hear. Guerilla Toss, an art rock band out of Boston and New York, dropped their album Twisted Crystal this… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: The Mars Volta “Frances the Mute”

    Blast from the Past: The Mars Volta “Frances the Mute”

    A young man sits in his 1973 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, driving down a road in the middle of an outer-space desert. The road will not cease to unravel into a straight route that seems to go on for an eternity. He’s darting down this never ending highway at a constant speed of 90 mph, with… Read more

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  • Philadelphia Spotlight: Earthboy

    Philadelphia Spotlight: Earthboy

    Earthboy is a five-piece band from the greater Philadelphia area. Nat Hilton (guitar and vocals), Henry McDevitt (synth), Lyle Seitz (bass), Sofian Zapf (guitar), and Uriah Killinger (drums) came together to record their first EP in late 2017. These guys played together in high school, and four out of the five have known each other… Read more

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  • Blast from the Past: Paul McCartney “Wild Life”

    Blast from the Past: Paul McCartney “Wild Life”

    Paul McCartney’s Wild Life is, to many, considered an iconic failure. By the standards of the day, it was. McCartney had just completed his run as front man for the biggest rock band in the world, and there he was with a seemingly half-baked record that did not have any clear singles. Famously, he threw… Read more

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  • On Air Next 9.19.18

    On Air Next 9.19.18

    This week at Radio 1190, we have a lot of great music to add, including “Hypnic Jerks” from The Spirit of the Beehive, “Small Car Big Wheels” from Enjoy and “27: The Most Perfect Album” from New York Public Radio. The Spirit of the Beehive had me hooked from the first moment I heard them open… Read more

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