Radio 1190: All is full of love

Hi everyone,

This is probably not the last time you’ll hear from me, but it is the last time you’ll be getting a regular update from me… because I’m graduating, and, of course, it’s the last week of class! 

I’ve had four wonderful years working at 1190 and am therefore entitled to be a little sappy: this radio station is a really special place and I can’t imagine who I would be right now without it. I’m so grateful for you all, whether you’re a weekly volunteer or just someone on the email list who’s been putting up with me for years. When I was lucky enough to upgrade from volunteer to Volunteer Coordinator in 2020 I legitimately never could have imagined everything that would happen — from volunteer meetings on Zoom during the pandemic to changes in management to going off the air (and then triumphantly back on!!!). I got to be part of 3 proms, 2 haunted houses, 3 clothing swaps, quite a few Shakedowns, the cataloging of a few thousand CDs, and the guardian of a very, very large number of beautiful hand-drawn posters; witnessed the re-invigoration of News Team, Album Club, and Movie Nights, and had so many once-in-a-lifetime coworkers. I feel like I’ve grown up in this place, and like a lot of people often say, it’s been my home. I will continue to be so fond of it and everybody here after I’m gone. My parting words to you are that spaces like these can be rare in our world; I encourage you to find them and create them whenever you can.

CJ Hibbeln
Volunteer Coordinator