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  • Astronauts, Etc. Interview

    Astronauts, Etc. Interview

    I had the privilege of interviewing Anthony Ferraro of Astronauts, Etc. after their show at Lost Lake on September 19th. The show was a ton of fun and I would recommend seeing them and their opener, The Mattson 2, whenever you have the opportunity. Me: So, where has your tour taken you so far? Anthony…

  • 7th Circle 6th Anniversary Spotlight

    7th Circle 6th Anniversary Spotlight

    The car drove thru Denver’s industrial district, past a rasta colored building and stopped at an intersection. Up and to the left stood a street sign implanted in concrete. The words were in big white block letters laid on a backdrop of green, it read 7th AVE. I crossed the intersection, parked next to a…

  • Girls Who Rule the Music Industry – Blog by Ashley Koett

    Girls Who Rule the Music Industry – Blog by Ashley Koett

    Although the inner workings of the music industry are currently dominated by men, many incredible women are still finding ways to make an impact and and pave their own paths through this unwelcoming field. As reported by Nashville Scene, women only account for 5% of producers and engineers in the music industry, which stems from…

  • Vinyl Valentine’s Interviews with DJs Owen and Natalie

    Vinyl Valentine’s Interviews with DJs Owen and Natalie

    Love is in the air…. and so is our FM radio signal! Ba dum tss! Even if corny jokes aren’t your thing, Vinyl Valentine’s Day Radio 1190 very likely will be. All day today, you can tune in to hear Radio 1190 DJs playing hand selected vinyl picks ranging from heartrending to oh so sensual.  I…

  • Independent Music: A Basic History

    Independent Music: A Basic History

    by Quinn Marchese Many attribute the inception of independent music with the release of the Spiral Scratch EP, by Buzzcocks in 1977. This was the fist punk record to be self-released by a band, rather than with the help of a supporting record company. Later, during the 1980s, the term ‘indie’ came to refer to…

  • Catch us at Bonnaroo 2016

    Catch us at Bonnaroo 2016

    Since its inception 15 years ago, Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival has gained a reputation as one of the best festivals in the country, attracting music lovers from every state. This year, the newly reunited LCD Soundsystem headlines along with the likes of Tame Impala, Death Cab for Cutie, Ween and Pearl Jam among lots…

  • Prince of Power

    Prince of Power

      Prince Rogers Nelson may be the most misunderstood musician of the latter half of the twentieth century. Conservative listeners thought of him as some perverted cousin of Michael Jackson, the dark side of pop. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Prince transcended pop, entrancing the masses while shaking the ground they dance upon. Prince…

  • Skeletonwitch Interview

    Skeletonwitch Interview

    Check out an awesome interview with Scott Hendrick of Skeletonwitch here!

  • Should We Be OK With LCD Soundsystem Returning?

    Should We Be OK With LCD Soundsystem Returning?

      Either you know and love them, or you don’t know them. Those seem to be the only two options available when it comes to New York’s prolific music outfit LCD Soundsystem. Over the course of a decade, the band broke genre conventions and had a great time doing it, releasing three (subjectively) near perfect…

  • Glenn Jones Call In Interview!

    Glenn Jones Call In Interview!

    This is an exciting one, folks! Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Thrill Jockey Records, we were able to host a call in interview with the artist of our CD of the month – Glenn Jones! Check out the interview below, in which Jones’ and our music director James discuss getting lost in the…

  • We love you, David. Rest in peace.

    We love you, David. Rest in peace.

  • Charts: 11/30 – 12/7

    Charts: 11/30 – 12/7

    1. JOANNA NEWSOM – Divers 2. JAMES FERRARO – Skid Row  3. FUZZ II – In The Red 4. SHOCKING PINKS – Dance The Dance Electric 5. MARTIN COURTNEY – Many Moons 6. PREFUSE 73 – Rivington Nao Rio [Expanded]  7. SPORTS – All Of Something 8. PICTUREPLANE – Technomancer  9. NEON INDIAN – Vega…

  • Charts 11/17 – 11/24

    Charts 11/17 – 11/24

    1. JOANNA NEWSOM – Divers  2. SPORTS – All Of Something  3. ALEX BLEEKER AND THE FREAKS – Country Agenda 4. PICTUREPLANE – Technomancer 5. YAWPERS – American Man 6. WAX IDOLS – American Tragic 7. APPRENTICE DESTROYER – Glass Ceiling Universe  8. FUZZ II – In The Red 9. NEON INDIAN – Vega Intl…

  • IAMX Comes to Denver

    IAMX Comes to Denver

    Beautiful chaos. These are the only words to describe the live performance of IAMX, the solo project of Chris Corner. Formerly the front man of the 90’s trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps, Corner has created a self-proclaimed “all consuming beast” over the last 11 years with IAMX, with the latest chapter “Metanoia” releasing back in late…

  • 2015 Mercury Prize Nominees

    2015 Mercury Prize Nominees

    The nominees for the 2015 Mercury Prize for the best UK album have been announced! They are: Aphex Twin – Syro Benjamin Clementine – At Least For Now Gaz Coombes – Matador  C Duncan – Architect  Eska – Eska Florence and the Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin Roisin…

  • An Interview with TAUK

    An Interview with TAUK

    Hi!  Welcome to Denver and Boulder, excited to have you guys in town and thanks for the time…few things I wanted to ask: How did you discover your sound and are you more analog, or digital these days?  How has that evolved? We started doing instrumentals almost as an accident. Charlie, AC, and myself would…