Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

It is crucial that we use our platform at this time to support the protest movement responding to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people across the country due to acts of racist police brutality. We stand in solidarity with all those protesting against the unjust, systematically racist institutions of the justice system. We’re organizing ourselves as a station and using the privileges of our platform to take action and contribute to the protest movement.

Without Black arts and culture, we would not be the same station we are today, seeing as so many genres of music were undeniably invented by Black artists, visionaries, and communities. As a station, we are committing to amplifying and supporting the visions of Black artists and musicians, while also standing as allies against the injustices that are so pervasive throughout the world today. We acknowledge our past inadequacy in speaking on these issues, and moving forward we are determined to use our platform for the purposes of Black liberation.

If you are a member of the Black Community and are interested in using our platform to amplify your voice, message, and beliefs, please reach out to us via our email ( or our direct messages on Instagram or Facebook.

If you are a listener with the means to do so, we encourage you to donate:
-40 community bail funds
-Colorado Freedom Fund
-NAACP Legal Defense Fund
-BLM 5280
-Black Visions Collective
-Reclaim the Block

Other ways you can take action and contribute to the cause:
-Attend protests
-Educate yourself on effective allyship, protest etiquette, and how to combat white supremacy within your community
-Follow and listen to the leadership of Black organizers and protesters.
-Mail, email, or call your representatives
-Sign petitions that are relevant to the movement

We as a station acknowledge our responsibility as allies. We are committed to the role we must play in combating injustice, amplifying Black voices, and providing a safe and welcoming community for our volunteers, community members, and managers. We will not be silent and complacent – we will hold ourselves accountable. #BlackLivesMatter