January 2019 Newsletter

Dearest listeners, volunteers, and faithful followers of college radio,

Welcome to the new year and a new spring semester of all things 1190!

We’re so stoked to get back into the swing of things at the station with new times for all our volunteer events, a new schedule of shows, and the possibility of so much more.

Our Volunteer Coordinator Jacob continues to do a great job of scheduling all of our happenings for the community at the station and as usual we have a variety of teams led by different managers for students to get involved with. The schedule of weekly events for this semester is as follows, and we’re looking to start a writing/social media team as well so stay tuned for the time on that if you’re interested!

Monday: Street team, 5:15 PM

Tuesday: Airboard, CUSG Conference Room, 5 PM

Tuesday: Music Appreciation Club, 6 PM

Wednesday: Volunteer Meeting, 5 PM

Thursday: Manager meeting, 5 PM

Thursday: News team, 6 PM

Thursday: Sweeper workshop, 6 PM

Friday: Local shakedown, 5 PM

In addition to these regular events, we’re working on setting up a spring open house for volunteers new and old! Keep an eye out for the details and get ready to hang out at the station soon with (hopefully) some free snacks. Also in the cards for the spring is our annual prom (most-likely goth themed) and a trip to SXSW in Austin for the managers.

Our DJ schedule has been refreshed for the new year as well, and you can check it out under the programming tab here on our site! If you’re a dedicated volunteer or community member, there’s still some slots left and you can apply to be a DJ here.

That’s about it for now, but look out for our next newsletter in February and follow us on social media for more regular updates! We look forward to a great spring and can’t wait to see all your lovely faces around the station starting this week. 🙂

Keep your radios and hearts tuned to 1190 AM or 98.9 FM in Boulder,

Hannah Morrison, Social Media Director