Spring recap & new(ish) website!

As the 2023 school year comes to a close, we’re all saying goodbye to the old, hello to the new, and … now what do I do?? Or maybe that’s just me …

Anyway, just a brief note to relaunch the much-loved Radio 1190 blogs of years past, since we’ve dusted them off to spiff up our website a little — as well as add a new and shiny domain name at https://1190.radio. We hope you’ll find the improved site easier to use — especially the new stream player courtesy of our friends over at Radio Rethink, a little indie Denver-based collective making tools for community, college, and public radio stations. Click the player links anywhere on the site, and you’ll be taken straight to the new player. (It works with CarPlay, too, so you can see the name of the song that’s playing when you’re driving! Just, you know, stay on the road and be safe and stuff.)

Watch out for more developments with the website over the summer and fall as we undergo some branding brainstorming led by our promotions director, Eli Grimm. They’ll be digging deep into Radio 1190’s brand history as well as taking to the streets to see what Radio 1190 means to folks today, so if you have any ideas or feedback, drop them a note at promotions@radio1190.net. We’re looking forward to the next generation of Radio 1190!

Finally, we want to send a big shout out to our newly minted Radio 1190 alums — our student DJs, volunteers, and staff who graduated this spring. We’re going to miss every one of you (and definitely station manager Trie Hall and music director Clewis Lewis, please don’t go!) … thanks for your creativity, perseverance, generosity, and commitment to making our basement lair the best [FCC deleted] radio station on the planet. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Cheers —
Iris Berkeley, operations specialist