NEws Briefs 03. 19. 24

Mother Sues Adams 12 District for Son that Broke Both of his Legs

A lawsuit has been filed against the Adams 12 Five Star School District by the mother of a 12-year-old boy with severe disabilities who broke both legs after losing control of his wheelchair on a ramp without supervision.

Filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, the lawsuit alleges violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, citing deliberate indifference to the child’s safety and rights. The suit describes ongoing suffering for the child, including mental, physical, and emotional distress. Attorney Igor Raykin, representing the mother and son, emphasizes the additional challenges the boy now faces due to his injuries and associated costs.

The district responded, stating it had not yet received the complaint and does not discuss ongoing litigation. The incident, captured on school security footage, occurred on May 10, 2022. Despite the boy’s Individualized Education Plan mandating supervision due to mobility issues, the boy received no assistance from staff and endured seven hours of pain before his mother discovered his condition. The severity of the injuries became evident only when the boy was taken to the hospital two days later, resulting in a month of bed rest and his mother quitting her job to care for him.

The district denied any wrongdoing until confronted with security footage and initiated an investigation only after a meeting with the mother. The lawsuit also contends that the district has denied the boy reasonable accommodations since October 2020, depriving him of equal educational opportunities. Raykin hopes the lawsuit will prompt school districts statewide to prioritize the supervision of vulnerable students.


Buc-ee’s Travel Center Opened In Colorado

A new Buc-ee’s travel center opened in Colorado yesterday, marking the franchise’s first venture westward from Texas. Eager enthusiasts lined up before its 6 a.m. commencement, excitedly pouring into the expansive establishment as the countdown commenced. Residents and those familiar with Buc-ee’s from neighboring states eagerly explored the facilities, enjoying some of Buc-ee’s famous food.

The presence of Buc-ee’s in Colorado not only attracts devoted followers but also brings significant economic influence to the area, with a vast 74,000-square-foot building and over 275 staff sustaining round-the-clock operations.

Tayanna Jones takes the ball up court facing off against Western Michigan University(2022) Photo by Lily Wright – 1190 News

CU Men’s and Women’s Teams Advance to March Madness

CU Boulder’s Men and Women’s teams, as well as CSU’s men’s team, have officially advanced to the NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournaments. The Tournament is an American sports staple every year and spans from March 19 til April 8th, where a collegiate champion in both sports will be crowned. After a 58-52 win over Washington State on Friday and a narrow 68-75 loss against Oregon in Saturday’s Pac 12 championship, the Men’s team will play tomorrow night against Boise State, in which the winner will secure the 10th seed in the South Division. On the Women’s side, after a very successful season in which they went 22-9 and pulled out upsets over national titans such as the reigning champion LSU team, Boulder has glided into the 5th seed in its division, and will play its first game of the women’s march madness bracket on Friday, March 22nd, against Drake University.