World College Radio Day!

Every great thing deserves its own holiday, right? There’s World UFO Day (July 2), Pi Approximation Day (July 22), Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (July 27), Bow Tie Day (Aug. 28), and Frankenstein Day (Aug. 30). But none of those even come close to … World College Radio Day. That’s right. It’s Friday, October 6, and of course Radio 1190 is taking part!

Tune in all day for special live sets from your favorite Radio 1190 DJs and whatever other goodies might cross our minds! And don’t forget to call in at (303) 492-1190 — it’s always excellent to hear from you.

What else is on the 1190 agenda for the fall? Glad you asked. We’re putting plans in place now for our epic annual Halloween haunted house, so keep an eye on our Instagram for all the details as they emerge. (Maybe start planning your costume right now, though?) And if you’re looking for more ways to bring your favorite radio station into your life, why not have a look at the Volunteer page for all the great things we’ve got going on every week? Including our Thursday night movie nights, just saying …

Happy World College Radio Day … and spooky szn approacheth —
Iris Berkeley, operations specialist