Specialty shows

As an independent college radio station, Radio 1190 is proud to offer a wide variety of programming for our listeners. Our signature Radio 1190 Music Mix features a constantly-updated, staff-curated blend of new music and college radio favorites when there’s no live DJ on air — but our live specialty shows are the real don’t-miss. Check the list below for the latest on our specialty roster, and have a look at the current Show Schedule for when to find these rising radio stars on air.


6ft Under

Host: Isa

You’ll hear music from the local scene and underground artists as well as big ticket alternative bands!

8bitsplit & Sounds of Shibuya

Host: Dan Le

Video game music! Video game inspired music! Chiptune! Uh … yeah video game music show! Plus Sounds of Shibuya: Music that all the cool kids in Japan listen to (not really but you get the idea).

Beets & Beats

Host: Ana

Welcome to beetluvr’s garden, where we share the delicate pairings of various ingredients and music that goes perfectly along with them.

Brett & Bean Vinyl

Hosts: Brett & Bean

Everything from Afrobeat to alternative rock.


Host: Brolly

Always good music.

Bug Hunt

Host: Clara

A dive into a different theme every week, Bug Hunt features a lot of different music but most commonly alt rock, indie, and folk music, and focuses on promoting smaller artists!

CJ’s Excellent Adventure
CJ's Excellent Adventure

Host: CJ Hibbeln

Join DJ CJ on a journey through time and space with music from and inspired by the world of indie film and TV!

The Countercurrent

Host: Tatum

Your weekly dose of all things emo, from new releases to underground artists to sub-genre showcases.

Electric Honey Radio

Host: Dangeruss

It’s new, it’s revolutionary, It will make you scream, cry, laugh, shout, it’s psychedelic, it’s mind melting, vicious, cosmic, and divine, it’s a circus, pure ecstasy, war and peace, it’s Electric Honey!

Forever Music

Host: Aria

Music which has survived the uncaring nets of time.

Holmey Feeling

Songs to listen to in the sunshine!

Hypnotic Turtle Radio Circus
Hypnotic Turtle Radio Circus

Host: Arlo White

A weekly mind-meld of the beautiful and the bizarre featuring exclusive live mixes from Diablo Montalban, special guests, live performances and one of a kind collaborations! Diablo Montalban mixes multiple sound sources and infinite music genres with spoken word, news clips and/or movie dialogue to create something unique for the moment, never to be performed the same way again. Hypnotic Turtle radio is Radio Art!

Jeberella’s Palace

Host: Jeb

I play Jeb music and talk about it. Themes every show.

Jetset Underground
Jetset Underground

Host: Iris Berkeley

The soundtrack to your utterly fabulous, secret-agent, oh-so-funky life. Iris Berkeley brings you new releases in all genres and the vintage vibes that inspire them. Simulcast in London by our friends at Denmark Street Radio.

Junk Drawer

Host: J. Drawer

In a world full of division and confusion, Junk Drawer gives you real music, hard-hitting interviews, and in-depth critique of pop culture.

Laundry Night

Host: Polly

Guess what I’m doing after this.

Local Shakedown
Local Shakedown

Host: Luke Petet
Archives and Videos

Radio 1190’s legendary weekly live in-studio performance show on air since 1998. Tune in for exclusive live performances and interviews with bands from Denver/Boulder and beyond.

Luke Live!

Host: Luke

One hour of tunes beamed straight from my head into yours.

The Me Generation
The Me Generation

Host: Ben Bronte

Radio 1190’s long-running ’80s new wave and post-punk show. Plus The Ben Bronte Bonus Hour: a weekly DJ set unbounded by genre or decade.

Mixx & Maxx

Host: Maxx

Like it or don’t … Tune in to find out!

Myriad Discotheque

Host: Dylan Comiskey

Kinetic explorations in sound; genres unbound.

The Neutral Ground

Host: Harrison Simeon

Blending all genres with a New Orleanian twist.

Not So Pink Confessions

Host: DJ Rola

A themed hour-long show of Hispanic/Latino music building up towards an original poem at the end of the show. DJ Rola’s Not So Pink Confessions.

On Tap with Rhett and George

Hosts: Rhett & George

Rhett and George talk about their favorite new food recipes, coffee places, and style trends while playing a mix of Radio 1190 music and some current indie, folk, and soft-rock favorites.

Out Of The Loop

Host: Emma Furlong

Bringing you epic tunes and themed shows every week — playing rock, indie, art pop, and all the ~waves~

Party With Me Punker!

Host: Bodhi DJ Bodhi

This show brings all the best punk classics and deep-cuts that the vinyl format has to offer.

Return Of The Mak

Host: Mak

Bittersweet symphony of my life

Rock Of Ages

Host: Dr. Decibel

All the finest music rock ‘n’ roll has to offer.

Second Wind

Host: Miranda Harp

Second Wind seeks to blow the dust off old records and blast fresh musical air into your ears – new wave, funk, alternative, vintage indie especially.

Shores of Phos

Host: Aidan

All shone under light must be reconciled

Spaghetti Rangoon Hours

2010s indie with global jazz recorded performances and some R&B sprinkled in between with some random stories from JB …


Host: Bob Slade

Long-running favorite for fans of punk, noise rock, and more. Wildly Hi Energy New & Classic Punk Rock’n’Roll & latest local concert news.

Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch

Host: Victor Escala

Start your lazy Sunday off right with some brunch and some handpicked tunes.


Host: Fiona

Come listen to me play indie and rock and whatever else I’m feeling.  I promise you’ll have a fun time! 

Themed Adult Contemporary
Themed Adult Contemporary

Host: Dayshardan

Good timin’ music for all the toe tappers and finger snappers.

That’s Showbiz, Baby

Host: Gavin

Learn how many songs together can create one vibe.

Two Girls!

Host: Mae and Grace

We are Mae and Grace and we talk and complain and play silly music that is good to listen to! Yayyyyyyy!!!

Weary Traveller

Host: Turner

Bringing dungeon synth, electronica, and that good ole Louisiana zydeco straight to your grey matter.

Worldwide Waves of Reverb

Host: Paul
Dedicated to international surf bands from around the globe. Got surf needs? Get ’em met right here.

Yukari On Air

Host: Yukari

Freeform sounds of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Something new every time!

News & public affairs

Spotlight Underground
News Underground

Hosts: Jack Armstrong & News Team

Spotlight Underground is the resident news program of Radio 1190, bringing listeners local Boulder news and interviews. Tune in to hear about research at CU, happenings in the city of Boulder, news from around Colorado, and more.