Concert Review: Turnover @ Summit Music Hall

Admittedly, I didn’t know Turnover before getting tickets to this show. The band that caught my eye was Elvis Depressedly, one of the opening acts of Turnover’s tour. In preparation for the concert, I checked out Turnover’s new record, Good Nature, and it made a good impression, so I was excited to see how they turned out live.

The Summit Music Hall seemed like a surprisingly big venue for mid-level acts like these, but it filled up nicely. Elvis Depressedly put on a good show, playing many of their hit songs. A crowd pleasing setlist was the right call for this concert. Unfortunately, a lot of the lo-fi charm of the band was lost in live performance. Nonetheless, they put on a good show.

Turnover’s set was met with an extremely enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately, the diehard fans moshing and screaming lyrics along to dream pop messed with the chilled-out aesthetic the band was putting out. Nothing wrong with the music but, for lack of a better phrase, it killed the vibe.

I still had a good time and would gladly see either band again, but preferably in a more intimate setting.


By Max Askari