Jacob Banks @ Fox Theatre

Jacob Banks is nothing short of inspiring.

As soon as he came on, I couldn’t believe how talented Jacob and his band were. The crew hit it perfectly with richly textured beats and a sound starting off with 808s and ranging to African inspired synths that kept the crowd energetic and moving side to side the whole time. I could definitely see some southern blues inspiration in his sound as it progressed throughout the show.

After researching him before, I read that he was born in Nigeria, and then moved to England when he was 13. In Britain he got to expand his talent from singing and playing guitar to writing his own music at the age of 20.

After becoming a hit sensation, Jacob Banks finally hit the billboards with his song “What do you Love” peaking at #36 on the charts. In the middle of the show, he played his song “Mercy” that really caught my eye. His style of singing is like no other as he flows from a cappella to southern blues and back to a sort of new age folk. I couldn’t really explain his sound in words but that’s what makes him the creative individual he is now. I would definitely recommend Jacob Banks to anyone who likes music because his voice will catch anyone’s eye, making them want to stay the whole time he’s performing.

By Jeff Kassel