Day Without Hate

Radio 1190 is EXTREMELY excited to assist in promoting our contributive “Day Without Hate”, which will take place April 29th in the Glenn Miller Ballroom from 5:00 pm- 6:15 pm.

A Day Without Hate is a student led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, unity, and respect in our schools. The event is going to feature Rachel’s Challenge, an organization based out of Colorado that was started by the family of Rachel Scott, who was one of the victims of the Columbine High School tragedy.  Rachel’s family and the rest of the organization aim to make schools a safer place where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect. To do this, the organization promotes the idea that everyone can make a difference and start a chain reaction to get one step closer to a friendlier community.

Come! This is going to be an extremely informative, important and FUN event and we are proud to help!